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Making the invisible,

The most harmful pollution in our atmosphere is invisible.
OneSky is a low-cost portable air pollution monitor that can see, measure and reveal this pollution, enabling everyone to work together to reduce it.

A unique approach helping businesses and communities tackle air pollution

At OneSky, we have developed a detailed early warning system that pinpoints air pollution problems faster and more precisely - protecting industry, communities and the environment.

What we do

Helping industry to protect employees, communities and the environment

OneSky is a Social Enterprise passionate about revealing air pollution and improving air quality.

Our unique approach gives detailed daily and monthly visual reports, helping industries to reduce pollution at source and communities to see the problem.

The result is clear - cleaner air for everyone.

For Constructors & Plant

OneSky offers meaningful insights into the sources of air pollution within the construction industry.

By understanding more, constructors can take intelligent steps to reduce air pollution cost-effectively.

  • Avoid costly site shut-downs

  • Protect your employees

  • Protect the communities you serve

  • Win more bids in sensitive areas

  • Stay ahead of incoming air pollution legislation

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For Communities, Schools & Offices

OneSky offers communities an accessible way to measure the air pollution where it matters most to you and your family - inside your home, your school, your office.
We collect air quality data and share it with you in real time, allowing you to take action when needed. This data can also be used as a learning exercise for pupils with through our interactive dashboard. 

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For Rail & Logistics

For most businesses, the supply chain accounts for the majority of emissions and pollutants. 

By understanding more, you can reduce air pollution cost-effectively.

Using the mobile phone network, our devices avoid the need for WiFi and setup, accurately locating air pollutant spikes and raising alerts where required.

OneSky gives you live data which will pinpoint areas of concern within a supply chain.
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For Industry & Manufacturing

Appropriate temperature and humidity in enclosed industrial facilities are vital to the health and wellbeing of employees and the protection of expensive plant, machinery and stock.  

Enclosed industrial workplaces can often produce high levels of air pollution, monitoring and understanding the levels of exposure is the first step to clean air. 


Pink Clouds

The result is clear - cleaner air for everyone.

​We give clear insights and advice in plain English - helping everyone to breathe clearer, cleaner air

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