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Welcome to the team!

Thank you for choosing OneSky and taking the first steps cleaner air. The Airtracker device is an innovative and affordable, air quality monitoring device, designed and assembled in the UK to UKCA standards. 

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Quick Set-Up Guide

It's quick and simple. Follow the steps below to get started. 


The Airtracker is powered by only 5 Volts and can be plugged directly into a standard 3 pin mains, or USB socket.

On first use of the device, press and hold down the lefthand button once connected to a power source. The lights will flash green to indicate the device is switched on. 

The Airtracker is now live and can be left to sample the ambient air every 60 seconds, transferring data to our cloud via 3G and 4G networks. 

In the event of black spots where there is no 3G/4G signal, the Airtracker will store the data on its internal hard drive and send up to the cloud the next time signal is received. 

From the data gathered, reports are generated into a daily dashboard and monthly summary. Logins to our portal will be provided to enable you to view your daily dashboard. 


For the device to provide the most accurate data we recommend that it is not to placed within direct contact of coolers, heaters or on windowsills. We advise that the placement captures and represents the working area and its conditions. 


See. We told you it was easy. 


After prolonged exposure to very dusty or particulate matter laden areas, wipe the casing with a damp cloth.

(ii)  Occasionally the device may require re-setting. This will most likely come by request from Compair Technical Support and is completed by simply a holding down the left-hand button as instructed on starting the device out of the box.

(iii)  Avoid excessive water exposure, spills, or flammable liquids at all times.

(iv)  At no point should the device be opened, or casing be removed. If any issues are reported with the device, please contact Compair support.


(i) For any further issues, concerns, or questions, please contact or


Important Information

(i) The AirTracker monitor uses cutting edge, optical particle matter sensors to provide reliable data that helps businesses to understand and act on air quality.

(ii) The device uses an MCERT indicative sensor to sample PM2.5, however, is not MCERT accredited and should not be used to report to regulatory bodies for legislative, mandatory reporting.

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