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A unique approach to protecting communities from air pollution

A detailed early warning system that pinpoints air pollution problems faster and more precisely - keeping construction clean and avoiding shut-downs.

Making the invisible


The most harmful pollution in our atmosphere is invisible.


CompAir is a low-cost portable air pollution monitor that can see, measure and reveal this pollution, enabling everyone to work together to reduce it.

What we do
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Helping industry to protect communities

CompAir is a Social Enterprise obsessive about revealing air pollution and improving air quality.

Our unique approach gives live feedback, helping industries to instantly reduce pollution at source - avoiding harmful emissions and costly site shut-downs.

The result is clear - cleaner air for everyone.

Revealing harmful air pollution and helping everyone to breathe cleaner air

For conscious constructors

Whatever your interest in air pollution - whether to measure performance against regulatory levels or protect the health of your workers ... our small, low-cost devices allow you to measure air pollution:

  • at source - so you can act immediately when emissions exceed your site limits, avoiding costly shut-downs 

  • in detail - at multiple locations and over long periods

  • in nearby buildings - allowing you to engage with the community and reassure clients and stake-holders


CompAir's unique swarm approach allows data to be collected from a wider area at a fraction of the cost of existing pollution monitors and over longer time periods.

This means you can more accurately measure true pollution and more quickly respond when things go wrong.

For communities

CompAir offers communities an accessible way to measure the air pollution where it matters most to you and your family - inside your home, your school, your office.
We collect live data and share it with you in real time, along with simple, actionable advice - helping you to breathe easy.

In most cases, this is a free service paid for by companies who, like us, are determined to reduce air pollution.

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